Durabak Surface Coating Systems
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About Our Products

Durabak™, Durabak 18 and Durabak M-26are tough, one-part, waterproof, polyurethane coatings available in a wide variety of colors.

The product utilizes self-contained recycled rubber granules that give an attractive, tough, textured, abraision and slip resistant finish.

Once exposed to atmospheric moisture, the coating undergoes a chemical curing process, which changes the product from a liquid to a hard wearing polyurethane membrane.

Durabak products will bond to virtually any clean and dry surface, these include but are not limited to metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass, rubber and most previously painted surfaces.

Product Features
  • Very high level of slip and skid resistance
  • Totally flexible and stretchable - no cracking
  • Very light weight - less than 1 oz/sf/coat
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Salt spray and weather resistant - excellent for exposed weather decks
  • Repairable - bonds to itself without removing old coat
  • One part - just needs stirring to agetate the rubber granules
  • Ultra-Violet, chemical and acid resistant
  • Waterproof - no membrane primer needed
  • Fire retardent
  • Corrosion resistent - effectively encapsulates surface and seals out moisture and air
  • Abraision and chip resistant
  • Heat resistant - constant 254 deg.F
  • Sound deadening
  • Electrical conductivity resistant
  • Self leveling - fills imperfections, seals cracks and crevices
  • Easy to apply by roller, brush or spray
  • Fast dry and inter coating times
  • Environmentally friendly - Low VOC's, recycled rubber, when cured non hazmat disposal (check local regs.)
  • Cost effective, pricing from as little as $1.46 per square foot.
  • Also available in smooth (non-granulated) version
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